Custom Software

Custom software comes in many different forms. From simple web sites, mobile and tablet apps and back-office business solutions, through to large scale 24/7 mission critical enterprise systems. Eleven11 has the capacity to deliver custom software projects of all shapes and sizes, and we want to work with you to ensure the custom software you invest in is going to achieve your business objectives in the shortest amount of time.

We can work with you to provide an end-to-end solution, from concept, to analysis and right through to deployment and support. Our goal is to create awesome digital products which will meet the needs for whatever business case you may have.

Custom Software Business Benefits

  • Provide the best experience for your customers and employees.
  • Have the ability to streamline operations specific to your business.
  • Focus on improving the capabilities of your business over the competition.
  • Get maximum added value for your investment.
  • Include all the features important for achieving your business goals.
  • Save time and money for your business.

Custom Software vs Off the Shelf

Question: Can't I just get it off the shelf or in the cloud?

Answer: In short, yes. I think you would be hard pressed to not find something close to what you need which already exists.

There are so many Software as a Service (SaaS) based offerings which are both highly affordable and simple to use. So what is the cost of this cheap and easy approach?

The main issue, is that you have no control of the end product. In the most extreme case, your provider may disappear overnight leaving your business with a black hole in operations. So if you really need to ensure mission critical 24/7 availability, then allowing someone else to dictate the terms may not be an option.

There are also some other issues which are less doomsday in their application.

No control over look and feel

Perhaps you would like to use the software to serve your existing clients and would like it to appear in-house. Not all SaaS offerings will let you "White Label" the look and feel.

Unable to add required features

You may find after using the software for a while that there are a couple of things that would really make your life easier and more productive, however since you usually have no control over the software with off the shelf or SaaS, so unless the developers come to the party you could be left hanging.

May not integrate with your existing systems

Without having access to the code, you may not be able to plug the off the shelf software into your current services or infrastructure leaving you with isolated systems that now require you to manually transfer data between systems, making your life harder than it needs to be, and lets face it, no one whats that.

In summary, there are so many great off the shelf and SaaS products that you might indeed find one that will get the job done. However, if you want ultimate control over the software you choose to invest in, then choosing custom software will ensure you have the best possible outcomes with respect to your business and its objectives.

What is Human Software?

The idea of human software lives at the core of our design philosophy. Our guiding principle is, if it does not improve the lives of the humans who are using it, then don't do it.

Software Improves Human Experience

Once you accept that improving human experience produces better results for your business, then human software is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.

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